A Rave Review

Today I went to the movies by myself. It’s a pretty big deal because I’ve never been to the movies by myself before. As a teenager, I turned my nose up at the idea of going to the movies alone or eating at a sit-down restaurant alone.

How times change. And perspective. Thankfully. My 2.5 hour excursion made me feel really good. I almost forgot that I can have a good time alone while in public. Liberation + Fun = Inner Joy.

Author: ContraVerseSee

ContraVerseSee is designed to engage and appeal to folks in their 20s and 30s who are tackling life and the common joys, gripes, interests and intricacies these wondrous decades bring. The site’s primary contributor is a current educator and former journalist who is writing her way through life, love, mommy-hood and the organized chaos also known as her mind.

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