So a little birdie told me that people were going in on my Mariah over her appearance in the latest Jenny Craig commercial. I am not sure if the uproar was over her physical appearance or what she was doing in the commercial. Either way, I will say this — watch yourselves. Most of you don’t know this but Mariah is my favorite singer of all time. All time! (in my best Kanye voice) So, I don’t play that.

Mariah looks great for a forty-something year old woman who gave birth to twins less than a year ago. Sure, she doesn’t have abs of steel but that’s not the most realistic or natural appearance for a woman her age anyway, in my opinion. Her tummy is flat. Her arms and legs are toned. These traits are consistent with someone who works out regularly and maintains a well-balanced diet…or is on Jenny Craig (duh). Good enough for me!

As for what she was doing in the commercial…well, I’m not sure what she’s doing. I admit, her movements are awkward and a little off beat. Note, I said she is my favorite singer. Not dancer. Not entertainer. So respect the notes she’s hitting and the product she’s promoting and keep it moving. Besides, aren’t you tired of Heady Hudson and the Weight Watchers ads?