Productivity Apps I Love

I love my iPhone. After being #teamiPhone for nearly a year, I am just starting to take advantage of the vast range of apps. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been playing Angry Birds and Temple Run for some time now — but these apps don’t exactly help me in life much. Hey, I have a lot going on. That being said, it is hard to remember what needs to be done and when. Thank the heavenly spirit of Steve Jobs for the following:

Easy Calendar

It syncs events to your main calendar and has features that allow you to color code tasks and events by category (i.e. work, leisure, etc.). You decide when you want reminder alerts (an hour before, a half hour before, etc.) and how often you want the event replicated (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). Easy Calendar even lets you invite other people to events, automatically sending them an e-mail as a reminder.


This app is particularly gratifying because it allows me to map out my day chronologically and then check tasks off as I complete them. I also like that this app gives you a few short “bells” when you have not completed a task and will put them under a column marked “Overdue.” All tasks can be prioritized (low, medium and high) and if you are hyper-organized, they can be put in different “folders” and have notes attached to them.


Don’t underestimate the usefulness of this pre-installed iPhone app. Anytime I have a random thought, need to make a list of things to pick up from the store or don’t want to forget the name of a song I want to download, I refer to “Notes.” Ahh yes, the power of the “pen.”

Author: ContraVerseSee

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