So for the New Year, I am DETERMINED to tone up and slim down. For years now, I’ve been in a cycle of being in really good shape for a few months and then feeling like a beached whale for a few months, round and round. I’ve always been a pretty good eater (hence the thighs). No, but seriously I have never been big on junk food and sweets. I’d rather have a well-balanced meal. I love vegetables, I don’t eat much fried food, I try to buy as many whole grains as possible, etc. So, while I am consistently conscious about what goes in my mouth (giggity), my fitness routine has been sporadic at best. Yes, I have a pretty busy schedule but the excuses are out the window and the sports bra is on.

That being said, I have set the goal of spending at least an hour in the gym three times a week. Thankfully, I love my new gym. Not only is the equipment top-notch but the layout is aesthetically pleasing. The first floor boasts spacious and accommodating locker rooms, a big pool, dance studio and several options for getting your cardio on. Upstairs, you’ll find all the weight equipment and two more dance studios. The first floor opens up to high ceilings at the spiraling staircase and in the background are high windows that go from wall to wall. This allows nosey passerby such as myself to stare creep-ily at everyone in the pool and on the pool deck. I would’ve taken pictures of the place but apparently, management frowns upon people snapping shots in the facility. Something about people’s “privacy” or what not. This is what the outside looks like:

Anyway, I don’t have a set routine but I have found some things that really work for my areas of concern. Sometimes, I grab a 10 lb. weight and hit a few sets of squats or use the medicine ball to do some leg raises.

In terms of weight training, I will try any machine once but I am a little more particular when it comes to cardio. See, I hate running. I know it gives you a great total body workout or whatever but I hate it — especially on a treadmill. I don’t mind doing a mile or so outside on a nice spring day, but that’s about it. I love the elliptical, though, and I recently discovered the joys of the stairmaster and Jacob’s Ladder. Both of these exercises bring on a good sweat and help you tone up.

Anyway, feel free to stop by LA Fitness (formerly Bally’s) in Wheaton to take in the fabulosity. if you happen by during the evening rush hour, I’ll probably be there — panting and grunting my way to sexy.