I was feeling like my black-card should be revoked because I live in the DMV and hadn’t been to the MLK Memorial. Well, on a whim, that changed Sunday. Just south of the Washington Monument, Dr. King appears distinguished and dignified emerging from “the stone of hope,” with his most memorable quotes surrounding him. He gazes out towards Thomas Jefferson’s memorial. Yeah, he’s our “founding father” who was alllllll the way down with the swirl. I digress.

Thank you, Dr. King. Your legacy is one that no FBI phone tap or comment from a former First Lady can tarnish in my mind. I’m sure you’d agree that no one is perfect and I’m also sure you would agree that we’ve taken a few steps backwards not only as a race but as a race of human beings under one almighty God. Against my better judgment, I manage to hold out an inkling of hope that one day, all of us black, gay, white, poor, straight, wealthy human beings can truly be free.