My Superpower of Choice

If I could have one superpower, it would be the power to perceive how people feel about me. Is that tacky? I mean, I don’t want to be able to read minds because I know how precious one’s thoughts are and I would never want to impinge on the sacred space that is the mind.

However, I would like to be able to extract how people feel about me. Like, a nice little one-page printout detailing a person’s motives as far as I’m concerned.

I say this because 99% of the time, I approach people and situations ingenuously. I am not saying life experiences and pre-established mindsets don’t influence my perceptions of people I don’t know, but once I actually meet and get to know people, I am so open to them.

Yes, from the first handshake or hug, I am willing to form a genuine relationship founded upon the commonality that we are both children of God, making our way through this world the best way we know how. From there, I let other commonalities and deeper bonds build naturally.

So, when I have developed what I think is anything from a sociable rapport to a professional affiliation to a friendship with a person, I am always taken aback when something is said or done (either in isolation or through a pattern) that isn’t aligned to the norm we have established with each other.

I know I have a tendency to read into words and actions a little too deeply, so I try to focus on things I notice over time rather than on one occasion. I know that life has a way of changing our habits, behavior, moods, state of mind, etc., and some people can communicate when they have a lot/something major going on that may cause noticeable changes in how they interact with and relate to others.

However, I find that most people – regardless of age and gender – do not do this. (Shocking, I know.) Therefore, I think it would make my life easier to know if a person is acting seemingly out of character because they are facing a trying situation or because they are mad at me about something.

I also think it would be helpful to know whether a person is going out of his or her way to sabotage some social or business venture we’re partaking in because they are jealous of me or simply because they have been pressed for time, funds, and sanity.

I never really know! Sure, it would be nice if everyone if the world were totally transparent and honest. Wait, actually it wouldn’t be. As my uncle so aptly pointed out on Twitter, total honesty would cause chaos. His example was Jim Carrey in “Liar, Liar.” Good point, Unc.

Still, though, I want to always have an accurate read on where I stand with people in my life because I can then regulate how much energy I offer to individuals and situations. Oh, well – I guess I’m stuck with tools like common sense, intuition, and the good ol’ “time will reveal” like you mere mortals.

Author: ContraVerseSee

ContraVerseSee is designed to engage and appeal to folks in their 20s and 30s who are tackling life and the common joys, gripes, interests and intricacies these wondrous decades bring. The site’s primary contributor is a current educator and former journalist who is writing her way through life, love, mommy-hood and the organized chaos also known as her mind.

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