Lines We Should Retire from Hip-Hop

Music is my life. If I’m not listening to it, it’s probably playing in my head. I love all types of music but I grew up with hip-hop in my heart. Lately though, I feel like we’ve run out of things to say in rap songs. I am growing increasingly irritated with the following topics/phrases:

1) “Turn up” or “Turn down for what?” — I may morph into a dancing maniac after a few drinks but I have to respectfully decline these repeated requests to get jacked out of my mind off of syrup, pills, and the like.


2) Molly — she may be the queen of the aforementioned turn-up but I can’t wait for her 15 minutes to be over.

3) Gun references — let’s come up with names besides “llama,” “Nina” and “choppa” to describe firearms. Better yet, let’s stop killing people in songs. #WACK

4) “Eat it up like ______” and “Beat it up like _________” — I was officially done with these phrases when Lil’ Wayne said “Beat it up like Emmett Till.” He’s received enough flack for that idiotic and insensitive statement, so I don’t need to say much more…especially since he’s really the only one overusing these similes anyway.

5) “Killin dem hoes/b*tches” — Ah, yes. Aggressive saying #3. Cease and desist.

6) Why do I even have to go there?


Author: ContraVerseSee

ContraVerseSee is designed to engage and appeal to folks in their 20s and 30s who are tackling life and the common joys, gripes, interests and intricacies these wondrous decades bring. The site’s primary contributor is a current educator and former journalist who is writing her way through life, love, mommy-hood and the organized chaos also known as her mind.

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